Healing Touch Center of North Carolina

About the Healing Touch Center of North Carolina

As the field of energy medicine, or bio-field or energy therapies, becomes more mainstream in our Western medical model, there is a growing need for public education about these complementary therapies.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) describes Healing Touch as a bio-field therapy. You will find information about the following:

  • scientific background
  • clinical information
  • applications and use
  • experienced practitioners in our state


Letter from our Founder

I believe that you are important beyond measure; that you deserve to live in wellness; and that by utilizing the gifts of healing touch, your individual needs can be supported. I believe that you can be taught new aspects of health and wellness to support your personal health and wellness story.

I came to Healing Touch for stress relief. I was an otherwise healthy young woman, but wanted to find some balance in my life, which was proving more and more impossible from the stress and pressure of a career with a well-known Fortune 100 company. I met a wonderful practitioner in the Raleigh area, who worked with me for a few months. Immediately after the first session, I was able to feel a difference. I was more disconnected from my stress, had stronger focus, better perspective, and generally everything in my life became easier. It was after a few months of treatment that I realized my migraine headaches, which had plagued me since I was a young girl, had not resurfaced. More months went by, and then a year, and then years. I have been migraine free for 8 years. A headache that used to send me to the hospital is no longer part of my story and I have Healing Touch to thank for that.

My hope is that you find the Healing Touch information that you need; the practitioner that is perfect for you; and you can take a new step toward physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Amelia Vogler - Founder, Healing Touch Center of NC

With infinite loving grace and in deep support of your journey to wellness,
Amelia Vogler

Amelia Vogler MS, HTCP, HTI
Healing Touch Instructor, Certified Practitioner, and Mentor
Energy Medicine Specialist and Intuitive

Supporting and spreading the light
across North Carolina