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Introduction to Healing Touch

introduction to Healing Touch

Healing Touch is an energy-healing modality that contains both spiritual and scientific components – it is a body, mind, and spirit therapy that supports wellness through the four primary aspects of the individual – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

This therapy is based on the modulation of energy through the various components of the human energy system. When in balance, the energy flows effortlessly, and an individual has access to the unique energetic support imbued in each system.

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Healing Touch is found in hospitals, clinics, retirement communities, spas, wellness centers, churches, and private practices around the world.

This modality is finding its way into to many research studies. We invite you to read through our research section to learn about the clinical aspects of this deeply relevant and important modality.


Scientific Background

The scientific basis of Healing Touch comes from research in biomechanical and electrical engineering and quantum physics.

Below, we have provided a very general introduction to the scientific background of energy medicine. In 1988, James Oschman authored a cornerstone text "Energy Medicine – The Scientific Basis."

"Energy Medicine - The Scientific Basis" by James L. Oschman

Anyone curious about the science of energy medicine would benefit highly from reading this text.

Biomechanical and Electrical

It has been well understood that tissues and cells oscillate at such a rate that electrical fields are created from them. Each of the organs contains a variety of different types of cells, thus creating unique energy signatures for each organ and organ system.

In 1942, Harold Saxon Burr, a Yale-trained researcher in bio-electrics wrote "electricity seems to bridge the gap between the lifeless world and living matter... electricity is one of the fundamental factors in all living systems just as it is in the non-living world."

"Measures Output of Current By Growing Corn During Tests". Reading Eagle (Reading, PA). Associated Press. 10 August 1942. p. 30.

His additional research reports some of the unique bio-electrical frequencies of cancer. Burr is one of the early contributors to this field, and modern medical science is currently studying and measuring the energetic frequencies of our energetic anatomy in order to diagnose and treat disease in the body.

Quantum Physics

In the realm of quantum physics, the field of energy medicine leverages the work of Dr. William Tiller, among others. Many people refer to his seminal work as the "Tiller-Einstein Model of Positive-Negative Space/Time."

In essence, his model provides two important points of interest:

  1. Matter that appears solid is actually vibrating so slowly and at such a low frequency that it appears with the eye to be solid in nature. In fact, all things are made of energy and all things have their own vibratory frequency.
  2. Due to time distortion principals, as you speed up energy closer to and even beyond the speed of light something very special occurs, the kinetic energy actually increases exponentially, resulting the creation of more energy.

We invite you to discover more about this concept in the following article.
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Guiding Principles

The study and practice of Healing Touch introduces and nurtures one's special and unique relationship with the guiding principles of this modality.

As practitioners and clients become more familiar with these principles, many times the underlying wisdom takes root within an individual's life choices. It is from this deepening of perspective that many express their consciousness shifting to include a heightened awareness of their energetic system and their energetic relationship to their life.

Some of these principals include:

  • People's health and quality of life are affected by the health of their energy system.
  • All life experiences are recorded and stored in the energy system, which includes the physical body as well as the multidimensional energy body.
  • The healing act is a sacred process.
  • Therapuetic Presence includes maintaining compassion, respect, heart-centeredness, and listening with the heart, humility, trusting the energy and non-judgemental attitude.
  • Self-care and a life of integrity are part of the commitment of the Healing Touch practitioner.
  • Practitioners strive to remain non-attached to the outcome of the treatment. Keeping in mind the mutual intentions for healing, the practitioner simultaneously releases any specific goal for treatment, trusting that the energy will go where it will serve the client's highest good.
  • All healing is self-healing between the person and his/her spiritual Source.
  • "Follow the energy" is a well-known tenet in Healing Touch. It means that as the practitioner becomes comfortable and confident in Healing Touch Principals and practices, they are increasingly able to follow intuitive and energetic guidance on how to use one's hands, heart, words, and mind to benefit another.
  • There is a difference between a cure and healing. Cure relates to physical healing and/or dissipation of symptoms, whereas, healing is a broader term encompassing emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of being human. A person who is healthy physically may need healing at the emotional, mental, or spiritual levels. Conversely, a person in the process of physically dying could have a healed mind and spirit.
  • Healing is a mystery beyond human understanding of science, time, space, and matter. Because of its spiritual nature, practitioners trust in the natural unfolding of the healing process to occur in the right time and space.
  • There are no contraindications to administering healing touch in any physical condition. The energy of love has a wisdom all its own that calms and relaxes the body and promotes its natural ability to heal as long as the practitioner is gentle, compassionate, and holds the intention for the client's highest good.
  • Healing Touch practitioners strive to empower their clients through encouraging self-reflection, education, and individualized self-care measures.
  • As part of building a trusting relationship with clients, practitioners meet clients where they are in their thinking process. If the practitioner uses words and concepts to which clients can relate and respects their belief system, then clients will usually feel safe and trusting. This, in turn, may facilitate more energetic release of that which no longer serves, as well as, encourages them toward more personal growth.
  • Negatively perceived memories, emotions, and traumas that are held in the body and consciousness may be released during Healing Touch treatments. The release of this energy is typically gentle and non-traumatic.
  • Healing Touch is based on both spiritual and scientific principals and can be taught from either or both perspectives.
  • We acknowledge that pure spiritual love is life's most powerful healer. Love is understood, felt, and demonstrated through human thinking, feeling, and actions.

The Principles of Healing Touch are copyright © 1993-2015 Healing Touch Program and are reproduced with permission.


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