About Healing Touch

Introduction to a Session

During a Healing Touch session, a practitioner uses a very complete model for your session. This model includes much more than the client experiencing the techniques and methods of an energy therapy.

A session includes time for creating an informed mutual goal; a variety of assessments both before and after the session; time for feedback and discussion; and also includes a plan with energetically focused self-care education.


What to Expect in a Session

what to expect in a session

During a typical Healing Touch Session, the client and practitioner spend a few minutes discussing issues or noticed patterns of illness or discomfort that are appearing in the physical, emotional, mental, and/or physical aspects of the body and life.

After a short intake, the client lays fully clothed on a massage table, and the practitioner assesses the energy system and the chakras. Noticing and charting areas of the energy body that appear different, the practitioner then uses this information, in addition to the intake discussion, as a basis for treatment.

During a session, many clients drift off to sleep or fall into a state of restful relaxation. At the close of a session, the client returns to a fully awakened state and has the opportunity to have a short discussion about the session with the practitioner. Usually, self-care homework is provided to the client.

Healing Touch practitioners are more than simply energy workers; we are energy advocates and energy educators. Self-care methods are provided so that you leave with tools that empower you to help support your own healthy energetic expression.

what to expect in a session

Many times, the immediate effects of a Healing Touch session are:

  • a reduction a physical symptoms
  • an easing of stress or mental discomfort
  • a general uplift in mood and attitude
  • a sense of connection to the Divine

The long-term effects of Healing Touch treatment can include the short-term benefits but can also include a substantial change in how the body and mind manage everyday stressors; a heightened sense of perspective; and an increase in vitality and overall wellness in the body.


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How Practitioners Work with Energy

how practitioners work with energy

Healing Touch practitioners believe that individuals are "more than" a physical body and that our physical body extends into our energy body – or our aura. In addition to radiating our essence in our aura; illness, discomfort, stress, and pain (in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves) can also be found in the energy body, or the subtle body.

One way of thinking about this concept is that illness, discomfort, stress or pain, are "seeded" in the energy system, and from that seed there is the intelligence and the energy that can create the presentation of these ailments in the physical body - just as a seed in the ground has the intelligence and energy to become a tree or a flower. These ailments often present in some form of congestion in the energy system.

A trained practitioner senses where this congestion is being held in the energy system and can help restore balance to that system. When our energy system is returned to balance, our body is given an optimum environment to implore its natural intelligence and abilities for self-healing.


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About Geopathic Energetic Stress

In addition to the magnetic fields created from the cells in our body, there are many environmental and man-made fields that surround us and act on our unique energy signature.

These stressors have been coming into people's conversations more and more lately because of the increasing number of man-made environmental stressors and the modern strain on our environment.

Some of the measurable man-made or environmental fields include:

  • electromagnetic fields (EMF)
  • sound waves
  • electromagnetic radiation
  • solar waves
  • Schumann waves

Healing Touch can help rebalance the energy system, which can be useful to rid the body of these environmental or geopathic stressors in addition to energetic debris that exist from negative thinking, emotional stress, and physical experiences.

The existence of these fields and interaction research is available through many reputable sources online.


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