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Introduction to the Energy System

The energy system, also known as the subtle body or aura, is comprised of these primary parts:

  • Energy Pathways, called meridians or nadis, flow within the body and innervate the organ and nervous systems.
  • Energy Centers, called chakras, act as translators for the energy. These centers help to slow down or speed up energy as it passes within the energy system.
  • Energy Fields exist within, through, and beyond the physical body. These fields are constantly interacting with other fields in our environment – these interacting fields can come from other people and from our natural and man-made environments.

The sum of these energetic parts can be referred to as our energetic anatomy. Each of these aspects of the energetic anatomy has different jobs across the energetic system.

As discussed in the scientific background, cells and each of your organs all have an energetic identity. Modern science is currently working on measuring the energetic frequencies of disease presentations in our anatomy. In addition to these, it is said that all life experiences are recorded in the energy system. This includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of these experiences.

As you learn more about the energy centers and fields, you might begin to see connections between these subtle aspects yourself and different physiological or biological presentations in your own body.

Healing Touch has a wonderful technique that can assist you in uncovering and seeing connections between your life story and how this story has been encoded or presented in your body. Any Healing Touch practitioner who has completed Level 2 of the curricular program knows how to perform this interview.

Energy Pathways

Backside illustration of the Meridian System
Backside illustration of the Meridian System

There are differing opinions on the relationship between the meridian system (a named energetic system with Chinese roots) and the nadis (a named energetic system with Indian roots). We invite you to research this topic to find your own way of knowing these systems based on the historical and practical information that best aligns with your own personal value system.

Both the meridians and the nadis act as pathways to move energy between the physical body systems and the nervous system. These pathways are both fed by and feed energy and energy information to the chakras and fields that correspond to different aspects of an individual - including specific energetic aspects of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual encoded in our life experience.

The meridian system is primarily utilized in modalities such as acupuncture or reflexology. It is typically discussed more in the Eastern philosophies of energy as channels that move qi – or life force energy through the body.

Traditional Illustration of the Nadis
Traditional Illustration of the Nadis

The nadis are often discussed in conversations around yoga because they originate from the Indian or Hindu tradition. There are said to be over 72,000 points in the nadis that correspond to the nervous system and bring prana – or life force energy through the body.

The similarities in these systems are significant in that they both innervate the spinal nerves, travel through the organ systems in the body, and bring life force energy bi-directionally both within the body and from the body outwards to the chakras and the fields.

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Energy Centers (chakras)

chakras illustration

The word "chakra" comes from the Sanskrit and literally translates to 'spinning wheel (or disk) of light'.

There are 12 chakras that can currently be seen by those practitioners who have the heightened spiritual ability of clairvoyance. There are countless other energy centers in the energy system.

Each chakra, or energy center, has a specific vibratory frequency. It seems as though the chakras also contain closely related resonant frequencies as well, which gives the chakras the appearance of creating bands of energy around the body. These frequencies appear to present themselves through the visual light spectrum colors, starting at the base of the spine and being notably and consistently discussed as being red in color.

Just as you move to a higher frequency in the visual light spectrum, as you move from primary chakra to primary chakra from the base of the spine to the head, the chakra color and vibratory frequency also increase.

During a Healing Touch session, a practitioner focuses on the primary 7 chakras. Each of these chakras have general meanings or purposes in the energy system and correspond to a variety of aspects*.

  • a specific location in the energy system
  • a location(s) in the physical body
  • associated glands
  • associated colors (although said to have come later and sometimes you can find varying information around associated colors)
  • tones or seed sounds
*This is not an exhaustive list, only some of the primary aspects of the chakras.

Refer to the diagram below for additional information.

The frequency of the lower issues of the human condition, such as physicality, emotional balance, and mental clarity are primarily accessed through the lower chakras. And the higher issues, such as spiritual connection, personal visioning and dreaming, and speaking one's truth are primarily accessed through the upper chakras. Interestingly, when working in the 7chakra model, the heart chakra is located in the center of the chakras that acts as the great bridge between the lower and upper aspects of ourselves.


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About Energy Fields

Energy Fields Surrounding the Body

As each of the chakras spin, they create an associated magnetic field. Since there are 7 primary chakras, there are 7 associated magnetic fields created by the energy being spun out by the chakras.

There are actually many other fields around the body. There are environmental fields that we are in contact with and also fields of other persons and animals. All of these fields contain information that can be passed through, collected, or processed by our own energy system.

Have you ever walked in a room that felt really strange? Been to a location in nature that was just heavenly? Met someone whom you instantly loved or received an uncomfortable feeling from? Have you ever felt drained by someone? These are all feelings based on energetics.

Energetic information is being passed between us and our environment all of the time, and energy therapies, such as Healing Touch, help us cleanse those energies that don't serve our highest good and help us process energies that interact with us in meaningful and important ways.

By extending the information and aspects of the chakras to their associated fields, you begin to see the energy system as a rich fabric that holds deep meaning.

We are more tuned in to these subtle energies than is regarded by our culture. In addition to helping us cleanse and balance energies, energy therapy can create heightened awareness of energy and provide us a new vocabulary to use when speaking about our newly discovered energetic intelligence.


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Energetic Balance

Energy Fields Surrounding the Body

Healing Touch practitioners have specific training that use their hands to gently influence the energy system. The heart-centered techniques implored during a session:

  • clear the energy fields removing any environmental or personal congestion
  • open the energy centers to allow energy to flow freely between the fields and the physical body
  • balance the energy channels in the body

When an individual's energy system is clear, open, and balanced, the body is optimally positioned for self-healing to occur.

Remember that all healing is self-healing. A Healing Touch practitioner does not push or force energy or energy changes, he or she simply provides external support for a client's self-healing to occur.


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Languaging the Energy System

Working with Energy

The language that practitioners might use when talking about the chakras is to say a "chakra is open or compromised." Compromise doesn't necessarily mean that something is wrong, it simply means that this energy center is processing energy in some way.

When talking about the fields, a practitioner might notice that the energy is flowing differently around the right and left, top and bottom, or front and back of the body. All of these presentations have their roots in some aspect of your life experience and change all the time depending on how you are in relationship to that experience.

Sometimes, depending on what is going on in your life, energy can flow in a less balanced way between any of these elements of your energetic anatomy.

It is important to note that as one energy center falls into balance, sometimes others follow and sometimes as an individual is going through change or processing the energy center will remain out of balance. It is just like being in a transition – sometimes it just takes as long as it takes to find balance in something new.

Healing Touch practitioners are trained to work with the tides of your energy system from a place of non-judgment. Pushing or forcing or expecting all of the energy centers to be "open" is not the goal of a healing touch session. A Healing Touch session focuses on a mutually determined measurable energetic goal between practitioner and the client.


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