Healing Touch Center of NC

Meet Our Team

Amelia Vogler - Healer, Designer, Architect, and Writer

Designer, writer, information architect. I am so excited to be blending my professional skills from my corporate background to be able to support the healing community.

Amelia is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, intuitive, and energy medicine instructor. In addition, the aspects of herself-as-healer, she is a lover of languaging and designing around complicated topics.

Amelia specializes in languaging the subtle grace of an energy work practice; how to talk about energy with authority; how to carefully craft content that lends itself to clinical practice; and how to language your gifts and talents.


Glenn Chappell - Designer, Programmer, Marketing Guru, Strategist

We are so lucky to have Glenn on the team. He can make anything beautiful and bring your ideas, even the most subtle, to life on-screen and on-paper.

Glenn specializes in bringing subtle design into something tangible and seen. He can complement the language of energy with a design that holds the light and movement without compromise. His background includes professional experience in a wide variety of marketing and graphic design tools and methodologies.


You? - Can you see yourself here?

We are currently looking for a few individuals to help us create unique, energy-centered offerings to support our wonderful community.

Our open contract positions include:

  • Business coach
  • Wellness coach or Health coach
  • Nutritionist – with experience working with the varying needs of energy professionals

Please contact us if you are interested in developing programs with us.


Supporting and spreading the light
across North Carolina