Healing Touch Research

Healing Touch Research

There is growing research in the field energy medicine and specifically with Healing Touch. The following pages aim to give you an introduction to what is being studied.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) continues to study the use of this complementary therapy and others to help inform our medical communities about the uses of integrative therapies in traditional medical support models.

Here we will share information on research into various topics. Our list will continue to expand as we gather more data to share with you.

Stress and RelaxationLearn how Healing Touch is being used for relaxation and stress management.

Pain ManagementLearn how Healing Touch is a wonderful modality for both chronic and temporary pain.

Oncology CareLearn how Oncology support bridges into many of the benefits of Healing Touch.

PsychologicalLearn how Healing Touch is being more widely researched in psychological and mental health fields.

Other ApplicationsBecause it was created by a nurse, Janet Metgen, Healing Touch is well known throughout the nursing community.


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