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Other Applications

Healing Touch is well known throughout the nursing community because it was created by a nurse, Janet Metgen (named the Holistic Nurse of the Year in 1989). Due to the variety of nursing practices and specialties, Healing Touch was brought into our wellness conversations through its many applications and uses.

Some of the reasons people seek out a healing touch practitioner include:

  • mental support for a variety of cognitive issues including anxiety, PTSD, mood disorders, sleep issues, headaches and migraines, nervous system issues, and to support clear thinking and focus
  • emotional support for a variety of emotional issues including depression and mood disorders
  • physical support through chronic illnesses, pain management, surgical support, injury recovery, and even athletic conditioning
  • spiritual support in strengthening one's personal spiritual connection and can help ease transitional stress, particularly around end of life care

Because the nature of Healing Touch works with a person's life story, many times physical ailments can have connections to energetic stories from one's past. Many times, clients describe just having trouble getting rid of limiting beliefs that they have carried with them throughout their lifetime. Many times, working with the energies of these beliefs and ideas can bring profound positive changes to the physical body and one's current state of wellness.


This information comes from both clinical research through Scholarly journals, Google scholar, and also observed and reported in Healing Touch sessions. All sessions are individual and will have individualized outcomes.



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