Healing Touch Research


Healing Touch is being more widely researched as the complementary benefits continue to present themselves in psychological and mental health fields.

Some of the client reported benefits of Healing Touch in a psychological setting include:

  • decrease in anxiety
  • release of limiting beliefs
  • increase in fortitude (strength of spirit)
  • increase in mental clarity
  • decrease in stress
  • descrease in PTSD symptoms, including reduction in nightmares and deeper sleep

"There is moderate evidence for decreasing negative behavioral symptoms in dementia and moderate evidence for decreasing anxiety for hospitalized populations."4

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For additional research, please visit: www.healingtouchresearch.com/studies/general-research


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This information comes from both clinical research through Scholarly journals, Google scholar, and also observed and reported in Healing Touch sessions. All sessions are individual and will have individualized outcomes.


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