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Services Overview

Part of our mission is to help give you, a practitioner, access to everything that you need to be successful in your Healing Touch business.

We don't coach, create, or collaborate with you through a standard model; we use an energetic model of business that starts with the vision and inspiration of spirit and walk you through the steps of creating into the real and the tangible.

Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to browse these questions before you dig into our service offerings. Just click on a question for the answer.

How do I learn more about the program offerings?

Sign up for our newsletter on the homepage or become a member to hear about these programs before anyone else.

Do I have to be a Healing Touch practitioner to take advantage of these services?

No. But you do need to be a student of or practicing in the healing arts.

Do I have to pay for each of these things?

No. Like all of our offerings, choose what you need, when you need it. We only call it a program because it evolves and grows over time.

Are the service offerings expensive?

No. Some are free to members, some are around $15 - $30, and some are much less. If you are a member, you will receive special discounted membership pricing.


Coming Soon!

  • Wellness Coaching
  • Energy-based Business Coaching
  • Energy Field & Chakra Charts
  • Custom Class Materials

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