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Business Support Series

We have developed an ongoing Business Development program that consists of group phone calls, online events (that are recorded), video support, and newsletters.

business support series

Each of these offerings is designed around your needs – they are crafted through the lens of an energy therapist – someone who is often more deeply driven by the whispers of the heart than of the newest and greatest business trends.

We believe that in our heart-centered work, our heart is here in our business and it deserves to be nurtured in its own unique ways. Just as we work to evolve our personal and spiritual selves, we must reach in and cultivate a heart language for our business.

This program will introduce you to concepts in easy language and walk you through thinking about or implementing new support pieces for your business one small step at a time.

Our business development series consists of online or telephone lectures and videos that include information about:

  • Learning to language business through an energetic model
  • Doing business through an energetic model, not one driven by "the bottom line". After all, we work through themes of abundance, not lack.
  • Managing your client mailing lists
  • Creating stunning, meaningful newsletters
  • Designing 101 - not a lot of geeky information, just enough to be empowered to create something beautiful for yourself and for your business
  • Using social media - What in the world is this stuff? And, how in the world do I use it?
  • Advertising online

Contact us for additional information on our Business Support Series! Discounted member pricing available!


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