Practitioner Service and Support

Healer Development Series

This is an area of great excitement and community collaboration. We feel that each of us with our own gifts and talents have meaningful insights to share with the community.

Membership includes the ability for you to host your own series and charge your own fee for doing so.

You must be a member to contribute or hold a lecture through the center.

Some of the support opportunities that we have planned include phone lectures on the following topics:

  • Intakes – How to listen energetically
  • Elementals – Learn about 12 elementals in your healing practice
  • Color – Learn to use color in your healing practice
  • Development of subtle vision – Learn to develop your energetic eyes and seeing energy (includes eye exercises and anatomical discussion of vision)
  • Chakras 8-12 – Learn about chakras 8-12
  • Working with limiting beliefs through the backside of the chakras
  • Numerology and Symbology

Contact us for additional information on our Healer Development Series! Discounted member pricing available!


Supporting and spreading the light
across North Carolina